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www.vcpoker.copm pros at this years WSOP

Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Monday Jul 21st, 2008

Professional players from sites like,, at this years World Series have truly done themselves proud.


At the time of writing there is still the final 24 players of the main event to play for the years biggest prize, but all of the big names in the game have now completed their WSOP 2008. The last of these big names to fall was Mike Matusow in 30th place.

Having had a bet on him at to make the final table this year at one hundred to one, I was as dismayed as anyone when his (A,J) on a flop of (A,A,x) somehow conspired to lose against a player holding (A,9) when a nine fell on the turn.

But Mike has already won a poker bracelet this year which is something which will surely make him feel better. He is not alone either, with many pros taking bracelets, other big names such as Daniel Negreanu, Barry Greenstein and Erick Lindgren also won events and in general the professionals have had a great year.

The reason this pleases me so much is that it contravenes the misinformed people who do not understand online poker and say that it’s a game of luck at

No one denies that luck plays it’s part, but skill is paramount if you are to win at the game consistently. With the professionals this year doing well and some all round great poker being played, I am already looking forward to next year even though the current year hasn’t even finished yet.

So a big well done to all competitors from this year and especially so to the professionals, who really took the fight to the rest of the fields they played in, and good luck to all of them for the rest of their schedule this year.

if you think you are good enough to be in the WSOP! – Starting Points For Beginners

Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Wednesday Jul 16th, 2008

For the fledgling poker player starting out, the game can have many subtle tactics, and plays which seem complicated. Most of them are not though, they have simple logic behind them, and can be understood with practice. This is not to say that poker is an easy game to master, because it is probably one of the most difficult, but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy playing it.

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As an amateur it is firstly important to understand hand rankings and blinds. Once you know approximately how strong your hand is, and when to place these forced bet ‘blinds’ you are ready to play basic poker. Playing home games can be a good way of improving your play, and are always a fun way to spend an evening too.

As you develop your game you should begin to understand the maths of the game. When you want a certain card to come out, you need to be aware of the odds. There are fifty two cards in a standard deck without jokers, thirteen of each suit, four of each numerical value. If there are four board cards down, two of which are hearts, and you have two hearts in your hand, you need the last card to be a heart to make your flush. Those four hearts which are already out leave nine unaccounted for. Four board cards plus two in your hand make six cards not in the deck leaving forty six. With this in mind there are forty six possible cards which will be the river card and nine which are the heart you want. Divide forty six by nine to get around 5.1.

That is your odds at this point, one in five point one or thereabouts. It sounds complex but you will soon get used to doing quick calculations if you play enough, and some odds and situations will be commited to memory anyway if you play enough. The important thing for any new player is to familiarise themselves with approximate odds, blind structures, and hand rankings. From there on all else will follow with practice.

My Recent Tournaments at partypokercom

Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Tuesday Jul 15th, 2008

Over the past few days I have been turning my attention to the ‘Battle of the Planets’ Sit and Go tournament (SNG) promotion on Pokerstars and sites like partypokercom.

I will be trying to get on to the leaderboard at for this week and if my recent results at the five card draw SNG’s are anything to go by I should make it with relative ease.

For some reason players seem very weak at five card draw, failing to notice the simple things like how many cards a person is swapping and the clear information about their hand that this gives you.

I suppose other lesser played poker games are similar, you always find a contingent of Holdem or Omaha players who got bored and decided to try something different. We all have to start somewhere with every game of course, and it is nice to see that you can get a table filled in reasonably good time at a lesser played game such as five card draw.

Other than this over the past few days at, I have had a few cashes in multi table tournaments in Omaha hi/lo and No Limit Holdem gaurantee tournaments, although these can be very time consuming and tiring if you do well.

My agenda for this week then will mostly consist of trying to play twenty SNG’s at five card draw as you have to in order to qualify, and hopefully place reasonably well in the top 100 leaderboard. I am very much overdue this SNG type of play as I have spent a lot of time in online poker Multi Table Tournaments recently and so playing twenty isn’t as much as a chore as it seems.

Besides, I wouldn’t want to make a final table at a Multi Table Tourney and find that I wasn’t at all sharp with the short handed style of play.

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Do Veterans of Poker Have an Advantage?

Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Wednesday Jul 9th, 2008

Now of course any poker player of the older generations, would see this as a very simple question to answer.

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They would say of course players who have spent more years playing on and are older and wiser than younger players, will have an advantage, and in many ways that does make sense.

You cannot deny that online poker is largely a case of knowing what the right decision is to make in any scenario which presents itself, and experience goes far in these situations.

Despite this though, you have to look at some older legends of the game such as Amarillo Slim and Doyle Brunson and notice that they have not won most of their bracelet in more recent years. Doyle won 6 of his 10 bracelets in only his first 3 years at the World Series, but he has won only 3 bracelets in the past 10 years.

Amarillo having won 4 bracelets at the World Series in his life, hasn’t won one for 18 years.

You could of course attribute this to an increased amount of players turning up each year and we can accept that will have an effect. Also though, as players get older they seem to enter less events, but this can be directly linked to older poker players not being able to keep up the pace of playing intense poker almost every day for many weeks.

Whatever the reasons it seems that players who haven’t reached their latter years yet do better in tournaments over the long haul. I can certainly agree that wisdom and experience do contribute to playing good poker, but youthful exuberance also seems to give rise to a lot of success at the tables too.

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