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Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Saturday Aug 16th, 2008

Bodog have a good starting bonus for their players at 110% up to an amount of $500 and some great gaurantee tournaments too. Every Sunday there is a $100,000 tournament of this kind and in total Bodog give away $5 million in gaurantees each month. There are plenty of freerolls on offer too.

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These are some of the things I like about Bodog but I cannot ignore the things I do not like so much about the site. First of all the layout of the tables and the way the players are ‘seated’ I think looks a bit silly, and there does not seem to be much player traffic on any games other than Holdem.

If it were for me to decide perhaps I would bring in some Omaha and Stud based promotions to stir up some interest in these areas. Also for any players who really like to play multiple tables to increase profit margins, they will be disappointed to find that only three tables can be played at once. No live support is offered either, but if we are talking solely about enjoyment of play, then it isn’t all bad.

There are great tournaments on offer at Bodog, and their first time deposit bonus is of a very good standard. the sort of players you are likely to find onsite are generally weak too. The usual games are offered at Bodog too with the added bonus of 5 Card Stud in case you get bored with the usual variations.

So for me, there is certainly room for improvement at Bodog and it isn’t to my particular tastes, but there are good points too, and some excellent promotions to take advantage of.

VC Poker – The Good and Bad

Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Friday Aug 15th, 2008

First of all it is important to point out the good first time offers VC gives their players. First time depositors can expect a 100% cash match bonus, along with entry to a beginners $1,000 freeroll.

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Also for a limited time VC are offering free entry to a 2.5 million dollar gauranteed tournament for first time players opening a real money account. This is a staggering offer even when you consider that conditions apply, such as earning the appropriate amount of action points first.

VC poker also runs a refer a friend offer which pays $50 dollars to you for each friend referred.
In terms of tournaments at VC there is a vast array on offer including Jackpot Sit n Go’s and satellites to a great many of the major land based events on the yearly schedule. In terms of bad points, the only thing that really springs to mind are the avatars and table layouts which are similar to many other types and have been around in the same format for years. With only a few choices of character to sit in their predisposed posture as you play.

All the usual ongoing offers and promotions are there at VC, with player loyalty schemes and games to be found at a variety of levels and over a reasonable amount of poker variations. The player traffic is good too at VC, and the site is one which I personally, like. So overall, a good site to play poker on, and one which should suit most players needs.


Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Friday Aug 15th, 2008

Party Poker is the poker playing branch of the company Party Gaming which had been around for several years before Party poker was established in 2001.

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The site was very quickly established as a leading site after it was set up and the world clearly saw the potential, the evidence of this being the great number of online poker sites which have sprung forth since.
the company is now on the stock market and has been for the last few years, and it’s successes have afforded it the opportunity to open up casino and bingo branches of it’s enterprise.

Unfortunately after the change in U.S legislation, party Poker felt it had to begin turning away U.S based players, and you might think this catastrophic for such a site. the reality is that, although the sudden drop in players was noticeable at first, the rapid rise of online poker has seen other customers step forward to plug the holes.

Party poker has now got a very good flow of player traffic and is very successful, even though in terms of graphics, it has hardly changed much in it’s seven years.

I think however, that if party poker wants to continue to be a leading name in online poker, it should look to upgrade this soon, but that’s just my opinion.

Regardless of whether that happens or not, Party Poker is unlikely to ever experience any serious crash in popularity I feel, and should remain amongst the best known names in the business. Partly this is due to it’s longevity and resiliance to the loss of it’s U.S players, but mostly, because it still offers most of the fundamental needs and requirements of any online poker player. – Bluffing Online – How To

Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Friday Aug 15th, 2008

Whether you are bluffing in a live game or online, the art of bluffing is mostly about suggestion. Your actions have to suggest strength in your opponents mind, and they have to feel that they need to fold any mediocre hand they might be holding.

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although body language and facial expression are not things you can use to convey this false strength in online play, there are many other ways of doing so. Firstly I would have to say that making your decision relatively quickly suggests confidence in your hand, as does making a bigger raise or re raise. But you also have to weigh up the greater risk involved in bigger bluffs. With this in mind I often think it is better to allow an aggressive player to make the first move and then re raise over the top, but be warned that this requires confience firstly in your read that your opponent is weak. Secondly you need to be sure that your opponent is not skilled enough to read your weakness confidently and make a second re raise over the top of yours. Even if you trust your reads and think your opponent is fairly weak, being re raised by a player here is not what you really want when you are bluffing. Always try and pick up pots uncontested rather than get involved in bigger pots with an average hand that you feel is probably best.

With any type of bluffing, including online, looking for dangerous possible to represent is always worth doing. Often a raise when a dangerous card comes off will result in you finding out much more about your opponents hand and whether they fear that you have made the hand you are representing. Be careful though, because they may have made the hand themselves. To summarise, bluffing online requires representation and suggesting strength when dangerous cards come out, but also being aware of when to give up on a bluff too.