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Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Friday Sep 26th, 2008 – Calling an opponents bluff is mostly a case of the faith you have in your hand and the conviction to carry it through. It is always easy to say ‘I knew you were bluffing’ after an opponent has shown you that they were, but risking a large proportion of your chips on such a decision is far more difficult. There will be times when you have some sort of reasonable hand, and feel you have to call, but hand strength is only relative. The only thing that matters when you call a bluff, is that you believe your hand to be ahead, whether it is a made hand, or merely a Queen high.


Knowing when an opponent is bluffing will always be a case of weighing up all the factors involved. How many chips your opponent has can play it’s part, along with their position at the table, their past tendencies, and of course the size of the blinds. Experience will help you to calculate these factors, but it is courage that will see you through to calling a bluff. It is of no value to know you are probably in front, but not have the heart to follow up your thoughts with a call, so trust your judgment, and do not be afraid to risk it all if you truly feel you have the best of it.

Another important point to remember is that, it is not enough to know you are beating one player, if there are multiple players in a pot. You can make the best of reads and a call on an opponents bluff and still have it made worthless by a player acting behind you, who you did not take into your considerations. So choose your moment wisely, and trust your judgement implicitly. review

Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Friday Sep 19th, 2008

There are a few different things that I quite like about Bodog. Firstly, I feel that their first time deposit bonus of 110% is very competitive, although the fact that you have to complete a set number of raked hands isn’t ideal, but the offer is still a very good one.

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Another thing I like are the tournaments aimed solely at new players. Many sites offer something along these lines, but the extra idea of offering payouts to a larger percentage of the starting field is good, because it gives the less experienced players a chance to get some sort of bankroll started. I also feel that the way the site is set out makes it very convenient to navigate and to locate and register for, the tournaments of your choice.

Bodog Poker also offers many guaranteed tournaments each month with a weekly 100k tournament running on a weekly basis too. Bodog even has it’s own open tournament with very large potential cash prizes to be won.

Bodog also runs a players choice tournament package to tempt the veterans onsite, as well as having reload bonuses in operation and a system in place allowing players to convert their points back into cash once they have earned them. Of course there are many other satellites running to major tournaments, and the graphics on the tables are appealing too.

There are a reasonable number of games on offer at Bodog with Omaha, Holdem, and Stud being available, and this is sufficient although personally I like a little bit more choice. Overall though I think Bodog is a good site and provides a very enjoyable poker playing experience.

Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Friday Sep 19th, 2008

There are a number of new bonuses being offered by PKR at the moment, all aimed at either keeping their players bankrolls looking healthy, or giving them the chance to win some great prizes. PKR offer their players the chance to earn bonuses prizes of cash and tournament seats in large scale gauranteeds each month.

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Admittedly the requirements are the earning of a fairly large amount of points, but there are some truly great offers available to those that spend a lot of time and money on PKR. Once you accumulate these points, there are a number different pieces of merchandise you can browse and purchase in PKR’s online store too.

One of‘s exciting upcoming tournaments is the ‘PKR Live Event’ this will be held in London in mid November and so there is still plenty of time to qualify for this tournament. Satellites are running and players are already battling it out to claim their $1,000 seat in this live event.

If these type of satellites are a little too pricey for your means, then there are always freerolls running on PKR, and smaller bounty tournaments to keep you busy.

PKR also has an excellent community section onsite which gives players the chance to post on a forum and join any of the discussions and debates going on there. Also there is a poker school for the novices, and a detailed help section to take care of the new players trying to find their feet with the online game.

Overall, there are a lot of good things going on at as ever, and the site continues to get better all the time.