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Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Tuesday Oct 28th, 2008

partypokercom has long been established amongst the best poker rooms online now, and for good reason.


There have been recent updates and improvements made to the site, which I feel were a little overdue, but they have improved further on what is already a good poker playing experience. The visual impact made by this has been bettered, numerous tweaks to other aspects of the site that were below par, have also been made.

The Party Gaming companyhas been around a long time and so you can have the utmost confidence that your transactions will be looked after as well as you are. There are lots of interesting promos here, along with many tournaments to keep players happy, and at the tables.

Sit n Go tournaments at over an amount $200 to buy in, will have their fee capped at $10 which is a generous offer albeit only one which will affect the bigger players.

The first time deposit bonus at Party Poker stands at 100%, and bad beat jackpots are in operation for the unluckiest players.

Refer a friend bonuses are on offer here too and equate to $100 for you and $50 for your friend each time a new player is referred There is a lot to like about Party Poker these days I feel, and if they continue to look for new ways to improve, they could reclaim their place as one of the best poker rooms online, which I feel they have slipped back from in recent years. – The Importance of Great Folds

Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Thursday Oct 9th, 2008

Knowing when to make a very good fold is one of the most important skills you can learn in poker I feel, and can make so much difference to the eventual outcome of a tournament.

As players, there is not usually any joy to be had from making a good fold, mainly because we have already invested chips in a pot and have to watch them being taken by someone else, and partly I suppose, because we often do not get to see the opposing hand to know for certain that we made the right choice.

Despite this, take heart from the fact that we have the ability to get away from a hand when we think it is beat, as many players who aren’t as skilled may not have the faith in their reads of a situation to do so.



Several weeks ago I made probably the best fold I have ever made, and it would have been on my mind for a long time afterwards, had my opponent not shown their hand after to confirm it was the correct fold. With (Q,Q) in the hole, and a flop of (3,3,3) I ended up walking away from the hand with about 40% of my chips still intact, even though no overcard to a queen fell on the turn or river.

Having come to the conclusion that my opponent had four threes I had to put them on (A,3) for them to have called a preflop raise from the small blind, and they indeed showed that hand after I had folded.

I managed to last a while longer in that tournament and pick up an extra coule of points in the league, and that may be important at a later time. The important thing about making great folds, is in my opinion, that you detach yourself from the fact that you have invested chips into the pot already, and use logic to answer the question of whether you are beaten.

If you feel strongly enough that you are beaten, there is almost no hand which is unfoldable.

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Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Friday Oct 3rd, 2008

This week has been a good one for me as a poker player, with live tournaments on both Wednesday, and Saturday proving successful. On Wednesday I feel I was partiularly focused, laying down an (A,K) early on with a flop of (A,J,7) after I was heavily reraised. My opponent had (7,7) in the hole, and it proved a good decision. Overall, I could almost say that I didn’t make any real errors of jugement at all, even though I finished 3rd place.

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The final hand was certainly one which will stay with me for some time. With the blinds growing larger and with three players remaining, I found myself in the small blind wih (A,K) of diamonds. I flat called in the hope the big blind would try and take the pot there and then, and he promptly raised it 5,000. I immediately reraised all in for another 35,000 and he called. I had his (Ah,10s) dominated, and left feeling distraught after seeing him hit a flush with four hearts on the board.

This is the nature of poker though, and with a 3rd place that night, and another 3rd place finish tonight too, I can’t be overly displeased. Perhaps I was previously rusty on live tournament play when my results were fairly poor a few weeks ago, but for the moment at least, I feel good about my play. I was in need of the extra points in the league we have running too, and hopefully, the good results will continue on the coming Wednesday.

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