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Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Thursday Dec 25th, 2008 - We have all been there before, dejected after taking a huge hit to our chipstack, we sadly count whats left, and shove it in the next time we see an Ace in our hole cards. But however bad you might feel after you lose a big pot, if you have enough chips to cover the big blind at least, then there is still a chance, however small. Ideally, you want to have enough chips left to hurt a few stacks at the table, at least this way you might be against one or two players when you push in, rather than five.


Despite that, this demonstrates my point about there being a small chance, no matter how small your stack is. If you have a small stack and get your all in called by five players, you only have to win, to pick up a reasonable pot. This brings my next point, being that when you are short stacked, in my opinion, the worst thing you can do is push all in with a small Ace. The amount of times I do that, and get called by a bigger ace, it simply isn’t worth looking at anything lower than (A,7) in my opinion.

Strange as it sounds, I would much rather have middle to low suited connectors. In the case of you being very short and called by 5 players, you do not want to turn over (A,5) only to find one opponent has a pair of sevens and another has (A,10) or something similar. With suited connectors, you have a good chance of two live cards, with straight and flush draw possibilities as could as you can hope for.

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Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Tuesday Dec 16th, 2008 – Strange plays, are most often made by amateur players who play hands in a way which most players would describe as wrong, I feel. Regardless of this, new players can find success when playing their hand in a strange way. The reason for this I think, is that players who are always serious about their game, will have possible conclusions mentally ready as to why an opponent has made a certain play.


Of course this will be based on experiences of playing with skilled players, and will be skillfully narrowed down, as they extract more information from their opponent during the hand. The difficulty is, that we always base these judgements on our own skilled understandings of the game, and so sometimes we get caught out by players making plays for obscure reasons. In many ways, I feel this is why we should strive to play our hands in different ways as long as we stay close to the parameters of what is profitable.
One circumstance of a strange play working was in my local game when a player made a huge bet on a flop of (10,8,10).

He got called by a player with (K,K) who assumed no one in their right mind would bet so large if they had a 10. He did of course have the 10, and his inexperience had won him a big pot. Personally, I like to make a raise preflop sometimes with a weaker hand, or even limp in from late position with monster hands, because it always keeps opponents off balance. Strange plays that do not cost you much in chips, will often have the effect of players never feeling sure where they are when they’re involved in a hand with you, which has to be a good thing.

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Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Friday Dec 5th, 2008 – The way online poker has grown in recent years has been remarkable. These days we see thousands of players from across the world all playing at varying times of the day or night in numerous different poker rooms.


Casinos and real life games have never seen this kind of influx of players to my knowledge, but it is easy to see what makes online play different. The ease with which players can sit dow and play for any stakes, large or small, or even play money, gives people the chance to learn the game with out much financial risk. These same people probably would never have usually walked into a casino to play before really understanding the game.

This could in turn, be having a positive effect on live games everywhere, as players who have learnt the ropes online, wish for a taste of the game in it’s live format. For a great length of time online poker seemed to be comparitively slow in it’s development, perhaps pleased enough with the interest players were already taking in the online game, but recently I feel things have improved even further.

Innovative new types of special tournaments such as bounties, satellites, and all manner of games with strange payout structures have been developed, and all give players a chance to try something a little different. Frequent player points, online stores, and vastly improved graphics have been developed too, adding greater enjoyment to the online game. For the most part, I feel online player numbers will continue to grow, and provided the online game never replaces the real live game of poker, that is a good thing for the game.