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The Ethics or Poker Technology:

Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Tuesday Feb 24th, 2009

Recently, I have found myself a little bit concerned about some of the modern day equipment players are using online. I recently read about a tool being used by players called a sharkscope. With this, players can (to my understanding) look up statistics on any player, whether they have perviously played against them or not.


Whilst I certainly feel that learning about players you sit down at the table with, and even making notes, is fair enough, this type of technology crosses that line in my opinion. The very nature of poker is reading your opponents play, and formulating your own plays based on what you expect your opponents to do, and this is where the skill lies.
I do not think that this type of tool should be allowed, as it basically gives those who have the software, a chance to help themselves to information they are simply not entitled to. Just as with players talking about cards they have folded whilst a hand is still in play, it is not in keeping with the ethics of the game.

Apart from anything else, you should have a right to keep this information private if you wish it to be.
Also, you wouldn’t want to play a H.O.R.S.E tournament against someone who can quickly access your past tournaments and see which games you are strong at, and which are your weakest.

But above all else, if you need to use information gathering tools other than your brain to desperately try and create an edge for yourself, you are obviously a rather weak poker player. In my opinion this should be classified as both cheating, and a breach of player privacy, and as such, should be outlawed within the online poker community.

Partypokercom – Case Study 4

Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Monday Feb 16th, 2009 – With a hand of (7s,8s) in the big blind, you go to a flop with the small blind which comes down (3h,4c,5s). The small blind then makes a minimum raise. It is possible that such a small raise could be made to build a pot without forcing you out, and finding yourself up against a straight or two pair is a distinct possibility. The reason I wouldn’t say three of a kind is very plausible is because that would entail your opponent having a small pocket pair, which would almost certainly warrant a preflop raise.


It is also possible though, that your opponent is putting in a small raise to try and make you concerned about this very fact. As a naturally aggressive player, I would of course want to reraise here, firstly to find out what I need to hit to win the hand, and preferably, to pick up the pot there and then. It may appear as if we are betting out and relying on making an inside straight if we get called, but in actual fact, a seven or eight would give us top pair and under the circumstances, perhaps put us ahead in the hand.

If we work under the assumption that our opponent does not have a straight or straight draw with a six, then if a two arrives on the turn, this will also be a scare card for our opponent and give us a better chance to force them off the pot.
Always remember that dangerous boards with opportunities for you to improve can give you the safety net you need to pressure your opponent, and find out where you are in the hand.

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