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Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Friday Jun 12th, 2009

One of the recent changes made to, are the options to resize and multi table much more easily. Multi tabling has never been my favoured way to play, but some are very good at this aspect of the game, and making things easier with regards to this can only prove popular I feel.

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With changes such as these, you will have a very positive response from those who like to multi table, and an indifferent reponse from those who never use that function anyway. The Bodog Poker Open II is on it’s way, with another great prize pool to lure in the best players onsite. Satellites should be up and running shortly, giving players the chance to plot their way to a huge win. The original Poker Open, was won by ‘Phatcat’ who took home over $76,000 for the win.

First time deposit bonuses are generous here at 110%, and reload bonuses remain a fixture for the forthcoming weeks.
Each and every Sunday, continue to offer a $100,000 guaranteed tournament, with satellites available through the week.

Points earned by players in the coming months will as ever, have the potential to be turned into cash. This offers a chance to boost funds through cash play, and is an offer I always like to see at poker rooms. Overall, remain a good poker room who should perhaps be getting a little more player traffic than they currently are. If they keep trying to think up interesting promotions each month, I think they will have a good chance of luring large numbers of players in. How Has Online Poker Changed The Game?:

Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Thursday Jun 4th, 2009

The game of poker at websites like PartyPoker has come a long way since it’s beginnings, and I personally feel that online poker has done a lot to change the game. Most games develop over time, and online poker has helped new variants of tournament evolve over recent years.

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The most obvious way in which the game has changed, is that it’s popularity has grown to a proportion never seen before. What used to be a game frowned upon, has now certainly become perfectly respectable, but I do not know if we can attribute that to online play alone.

The standard of poker play has increased dramatically over recent years too I feel, as more players spend many hours sat at home playing poker. It is not just the standard of play which is changing, but also the style too.

It is fair to say that one of the key differences between online and live play, is that online, you cannot read certain aspects of the game.

Online, you only really have betting patterns, player tendancies, and position to guide your reads of a situation. I feel that because of this, many players have honed these skills in particular, but may find themselves unable to pick up on any physical tells, or worse still, give off tells to experienced live players.
Overall though, I think we have to say that online poker has had a very positive influence on the game. people can comfortably learn and enjoy playing the game from their own sofa, which has helped pokers popularity boom immensely.

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Jackpots at What Poker Means To Us

Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Thursday Jun 4th, 2009

I suppose this is a question which will result in different answers depending on the person asked. If you were to ask someone who has previously won the main event of the World Series, they might tell you that poker was the catalyst for the moment that changed their life.

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Other people who are casual players might feel that poker is simply a form of light entertainment or relaxation.

I suppose you could say that with any sport or game, different individuals attach different feelings and importance to the game, and poker is no different.

For some people it is how they earn their living, and they can happily play the game every day. Others simply enjoy the chance to sit around a table with like minded people and socialise over a game of cards.
Personally, poker has always meant a great deal to me, ever since I played the game for the first time in Ireland, 8 years ago. I can happily immerse myself in playing poker all day, and perhaps one day, I can play a tournament that will change my life. Having said that, I will not pin all my hopes and dreams on poker, as I know the game can be fickle and break your heart just as often as fill it with joy.

I accept poker for what it is, with the frustrations and elations, and love playing the game even when it seems to want to be cruel to me wherever possible.

That is the enigmatic rollercoaster of poker, and perhaps one day it will reward me for my dedication. But we cannot pin our hopes entirely on a game which is entwined partially with luck, I feel.

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Freerolls at

Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Monday Jun 1st, 2009

There are a number of different freerolls on offer at PKR, which are available to enter at various times throughout the day. The first of these that I will mention is an interesting idea called the ‘birthday freeroll’.

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Each week there is a freeroll which can only be entered by players whose birthdays fall on that day, or in the previous 7 days. The prize pool for this is $365 and the number of players entering is relatively small, giving a real chance at winning a good prize.

Also running are smaller $20 freerolls which include a rebuy element. For 1 cent you can rebuy as many times as you like within the first hour. This adds a little extra to the prize pool, but makes for a complete shove fest early on with no real chance for skilled poker to be played.

Other freerolls include points tournaments, where both buy ins, and prizes, are in points. This gives you an opporunity to try and boost your points total if you have your eye on an item from the online store, but are some way off your target.

Other freerolls with cash prizes can be bought into using points too, with $50 and $250 tournaments running regularly on most days.

If you are looking for a deeper stacked freezeout freeroll, you can find one running here on most days too, with a $0 entrance fee and a $10 prize pool.

These may not be the largest of prizes, but the freeroll types are varied and regularly scheduled, so you have plenty of chances to have fun with a freeroll over the course of the day.

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Review of

Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Monday Jun 1st, 2009

The first time deposit bonus at VCPoker stands at 100% up to an amount of $600. This is released in increments of $5 as you earn the required points. Along with this, new players gain entry to a special $1,000 freeroll, and if you keep playing at VC, you can climb the VIP ladder.

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The higher up the VIP ladder you get, the more bonuses you become entitled to, which serves as a great incentive to keep coming back to play poker. Points can be used in an online store to purchase merchandise, as well as buying tournament tickets.

Numerous promotions are running regularly here, such as Sit and Go leaderboards, Royal Flush Jackpots, and Bad Beat Jackpots too.

Huge guaranteed tournaments can be found here, along with satellites to major events such as the ECOOP and the WSOP. There is a poker achool onsite for beginners in the game, ensuring their bonus money does not disappear too quickly, and generally, the site looks very good visually too.

Games on offer here include Holdem, Omaha with hi/lo, and Stud games in the form of Five Card and Seven Card. This should be enough to suit most players tastes, although I like to see Five Card Draw on offer too.
VC Poker is probably one of the more understated high quality poker rooms online in my opinion. They offer all the plus points you would look for in a site, and perhaps only need a little more exposure to become accepted as being amongst the biggest names.

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