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Free Poker at

Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Monday Oct 26th, 2009

Free Poker at can be found around every corner when you download and launch the suave software available. It seems lately that a lot of online gaming sites are introducing freebies – whether that be free casino chips or free bingo – and have certainly hopped onto the bandwagon this month with bundles of free rolls.

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There is always a free poker game unfolding at, and when it comes to straight forward freeroll poker games, offer twelve every single day. It’s exceptionally easy to find them too. Simply click the ‘free poker’ section within the launched software, or take a glance at the poker tournament search engine on the main website.

Free Poker at can be played all day every day, but there are certain free poker games that are preferred more than others and one of these is the daily 7pm game. The daily 7pm free poker game is a Texas Hold Em game and is named ‘The $5 Rebuy Free Roll’. The buy in rate is of course zero, and you can simply waltz in and play to scoop $5 of free poker cash.

If that wasn’t enough, Free Poker at is also available through PKR points. These are earned by simply registering and playing poker, but there are also free poker games that run that accept points as prize money. Use your points to claim free cash or in game costumes and accessories for your virtual character. Put your cash back in your pocket and play Free Poker at

Fun Poker Games at

Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Tuesday Oct 20th, 2009 are a well known name in the online poker world, offering a good array of different poker games to players onsite.

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The main games on offer at PartyPoker are Omaha, Texas Holdem, and Seven Card Stud. These games run throughout the day, on cash tabes, in STT’s and of course scheduled MTT tournaments. Poker players like to be given a lot of choice in the games they can play on poker sites, and besides anything else, a wider range of games includes a wider range of players. Most players will have a favoured poker game, and despite this being Holdem for most players, some still like the obscure games such as Razz, or Five Card Draw.

MTT tournaments can be split into different groups in terms of what is on offer at Party Poker. There are regular Freezeout tournaments, Rebuys, Freerolls, and Guaranteeds. You can often find bounty tournaments too, where players are paid money for eliminating other players. These tournaments all look to offer a slightly different challenge to players, it is often the case that players will want to improve their skills in a particular field of poker, and maximum choice in game type offers that opportunity. Generally speaking these are all fun poker games at, and most players are friendly enough at the tables too. Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Tuesday Oct 20th, 2009 sign up bonus is a generous one, offering poker players the chance to receive a helping hand to their real money poker play simply by making a deposit onsite.

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Most online poker rooms will offer a bonus of some sort, and the basic rate of payment can vary a little, but the key points you need to look at are not only the amount involved. Also, the way the bonus is released and how long you have to free up the entire bonus are important. offer a pretty standard 100% for first time depositors which is similar to most places online, but they do ensure that poker players have ample time to play enough real money poker to release their bonus.

You have 60 days to release the bonus at, where you might only have 30-45 days at some other poker rooms. This bonus is applicable up to an amount of $600, and comes with a seat to a $1,000 first time depositors freeroll. This gives an extra opportunity to play your way to a better starting bankroll before even having to risk anything at all at the poker tables.

Every 300 points you earn at the poker tables will result in payment of $5 of your pending bonus. You can view the amount you have released and the amount still pending at any time onsite. You must use the bonus code ‘SUPERSIX’ when making the first deposit, and you must remember this is a one time offer for first time depositors only. All in all, this is a comparitvely good bonus at

Why Play Poker at

Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Tuesday Oct 6th, 2009 – There are many online poker rooms for players to choose from, but there are still some poker rooms that stand out from others. It is usually the first time deposit bonuses that attract potential players attention, but this is not often the reason why one poker room stands out from another, as the rates for these bonuses are often the same.

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Aspects of a poker room that are likely to bring in more players though, are having a team of pro players that are well known and liked, along with advertisements on TV, and special tournaments or features onsite. PKR is a poker room that has special features onsite, as it features characters and action at the tables the is completely three dimensional and interactive.

Players can choose actions and gestures to use at the tables while playing, and you can even see when a player checks their hole cards in the hand. Along with these aspects of PKR that enrich the experience of playing poker online, all the other features you expect from a top poker room are present too. There are support staff to help you with any problems onsite, along with regularly updated poker promotions, freerolls, and other tournaments.

Guaranteeds and satellites to major land based events can be found at too, making this poker room one which everyone should enjoy playing at immensely. Whenever you use real money at you also earn points which can be spent on a great array of merchandise in their online poker store.