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Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Tuesday Dec 1st, 2009 poker software is unrivalled in the visual experience it offers to poker players onsite. With the visual development of computer games reaching ever higher levels of advancement, it would seem only natural that online poker would follow in those footsteps. Surprisingly, that certainly hasn’t been the case with most poker rooms.

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There are reasons behind this too, as many poker rooms have been established for years, and it simply wouldn’t be a viable use of resources to undertake such a complete overhaul of the visual experience of playing poker.  In short, if the formula works just fine already, why go to great lengths to change it? Prime examples of this philosophy are found in the biggest names in the online poker business, such as Pokerstars and Full Tilt.

Proof is there for all to see, that you do not need to have the latest in visual technology in order for people to play poker online. The fact is, many players are there to try and make money, and so it matters little, how absorbing the graphics are whilst playing. Despite these points, it would be going too far to say that such advances in the online poker experience are needless or that they are detrimental to a site. has grown in stature since it’s opening, and offers something special and different to customers, whilst maintaining the same positive aspects of most other poker rooms. poker software surpasses anything you might usually find anywhere else online, and provided they continue to strive for excellency in other key areas, they cannot fail to be held in very high regard both in the present, and future years to come.