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Posted by Trix @ 12:00 AM, Thursday Jan 28th, 2010 poker players derive from all sorts of poker playing backgrounds, as can be said of the members of any online poker room. If there were any difference in the player type at genrally, speaking, it would probably be down to the excellent visual experience of playing onsite.

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You see, to a poker player who is serious about earning money from the game every month, the fact that your character can gesture and do chip tricks at the table will be irrelevant. This means that the key selling point for will not really sell the site to players who are playing to grind out a living. That is not to say there are no top class players here at, because of course wherever there is new blood there will certainly be sharks.

What we can say about poker players at the lower level tables though, is that may of them will have been awestruck by the fun of playing poker here, and will be playing for enjoyment a lot of the time. Generally speaking, it would stand to reason that many of the players at these low levels are there for the fun of the 3D interactive experience, rather to make money.

All in all, you can find pleasant poker players here, or the occasional irritatng ones, but support are always on hand to help you with any problems. You can also find forums here where poker players congregate and chat, creating a nice community feel. If low stakes games that are relatively soft are what you seek, then you can also usually find that type of game here if you take the time to look.